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May 25, 2016.  A 16 year old with history of cutting and suicidal ideation:

“My daughter was self harming (cutting) and suicidal when I made an appointment with Lea in January. After just one session Lea had already helped my daughter discover the cause of her anxiety and depression and taught her some coping skills.

But when Lea started neuro-feedback the results were immediate & astounding! Every week since mid-March my daughter has been making amazing progress, she is no longer anxious and sad. She has a smile that lights up her face again!  Lea has given my daughter her life back! ” DG, Naples 

A Mom in Naples, January, 2019

My daughter "Allison" is 14. She has suffered with anxiety for a majority of her childhood. It began with phobias and OCD disorder and has manifested into a generalized anxiety disorder. This has affected her sleep cycles recently and we began exploring non medicine options to help her get the rest she needed. We began working with Lea Leonard and using Neurofeedback in combination with cognitive behaviour therapy. Allison has responded wonderfully to this type of therapy and has changed in leaps and bounds. As a teen, starting highschool and dealing with everyday stressors only enhanced her anxiety. Neurofeedback has been a life changer for my child. She has become more social, outgoing, feels control over her anxiety and sleep has returned to a normal pattern for the first time in several months. I highly recommend Lea Leonard and Neurofeedback therapy as a safe and very effective form of therapy to reduce anxiety and other conditions. I am so thankful to have discovered this type of therapy and feel so very blessed to see my child thrive and grow as a result.  

April 21, 2016.  A 51 year old woman with chronic depression and generalized anxiety and her 16 year old son with Asperger’s syndrome who had difficulty controlling his emotions.  They were both treated with 20 sessions each of LORETA Z Score Neurofeedback:

“Dear Lea, I wanted to thank you for accommodating (my son) and me for neurofeedback treatments and let you know how we’re doing.  (My son) says he stops to think now when he gets frustrated or upset and is able to control better his emotions. I find that I get less anxious and that it passes more quickly.  Sincere thanks….” Mother and Son from Massachusetts.

Neurofeedback treatments for PTSD

The healing process during his treatment was amazing to watch as Joe's wife and was quite the experience for Joe. He was processing memories and releasing emotions that his brain was never fully able to process. He was becoming more and more like the man I remembered every day. My husband is now able to function normally at work, and when stressful situations arise he is able to use normal methods to calm himself down instead of freaking out or locking himself in his room for days at a time or resorting to alcohol to numb himself. This treatment not only helped with PTSD but anxiety, depression, brain trauma and addiction. While he still wants to do more sessions in the near future, we both know he would not be where he is today without the treatments. He is able to enjoy life with his wife and two children without suffering from extreme panic attacks that used to lead to suicidal depression. This treatment has transformed my husband so much he now wants to go back to school so he can learn how to do it and help other veterans. He knows if more vets have access to this treatment so many more lives will be saved just like his. 

 We are FOREVER grateful for Lea… It saved his life and our marriage. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, 

Joe and Mariesa

August 24, 2015 A 16 year old boy with depression, panic and suicidal ideation.  Treated with 20 sessions of LORETA Zscore Neurofeedback.

“Our 14yr old son was severely depressed, suicidal, and had a lot of panic attacks.  He tried to attend school, but was unable to due to panic attacks, and soon developed school phobia.  He would up be up until 4 in a.m. crying for us to help him end his life. We had him on all the different meds the psychiatrist recommended for 2 years,  they helped him out of feeling suicidal, but he was still depressed, had panic attacks and no way could he attend school. So we knew that we had to do something else.  We found Lea. We heard about Lea and my husband and I sat down to talk with her about her treatment, neurofeedback. We knew this would help after doing a lot of research about this treatment and she was right here in our town.  Our family felt very comfortable with her immediately. We were not sure if Andy could do a lot of treatments as getting him there at first was a little difficult but after a few he didn’t mind coming. He said he didn’t know if it was helping but we saw he wasn’t as bad.  Our son went through 20 sessions and no longer has panic attacks and is holding down a job for 8 months now and is attending Lorenzo Walker to get his GED and loving it. He says he is no longer depressed and hasn’t had an attack for 2 years now.

We are so thankful for Lea and her kindness and compassion and her amazing help in returning our amazing son to us.

Lea even offered to take our son to Lorenzo Walker to tour the campus and talk with teachers.


June 16, 2015   An 8 year old client with social anxiety disorder.  Treated with 15 sessions of LORETA Zscore Neurofeedback.

“I have an 8 year old son who suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder.  He was diagnosed at age 7 and was having some pretty severe issues in school.  *Michael would hide under his desk, cried often, would not eat in the cafeteria or play at recess.   Refused to raise his hand and contribute to class discussions, he refused to be apart of any kind of group or partner work and would often beg my husband and I not to send him.  We tried several things from switching teachers and classroom to working with the school’s intervention team which implemented several different modifications to try and encourage Michael to use coping skills. Nothing seemed to help and we as parents felt that medication would only suppress the problem not actual help it.

When I first met with Lea about Michael, she suggested that we try Neuro Feedback Therapy.  At first I was concerned that this would frustrate him and cause more issues, I was very pleasantly surprised when not only did he not get upset, he seemed to really enjoy the therapy! We began with two session a week and then moved to once a week.  We saw an immediate change in Michael’s over all behavior, within the first two sessions he seemed more calm, he was beginning to handle typical stresses in a different way. By the end of the first month, he had stopped hiding under his desk, by six weeks he had begun to participate in class and even joined in group work.  For the first time in three years, Michael began to enjoy school and being with other kids. He began to socialize and make friends.

I know Neuro Feedback has made a tremendous difference in the life of my child, we still face challenges of course, because the disorder my child has is part of who he is, there is no cure, but Neuro Feedback has made life far less painful for my child.  I am so grateful for the results it has had on my son and I highly recommend it as a therapy for children with anxiety.” A Mother in Naples, FL

61 year old woman – Family Psychotherapy – involving self and adult children.

“A friend recommended Lea to me.  At the time I felt very vulnerable, scared and anxious.  I needed someone to help my family through some difficult group issues, as well as issues that have plagued me since childhood.  I was worried about who this person was going to be, and I was so afraid that it would only alienate us all from one another if she turned out to be someone we weren’t ‘comfortable’ with. I felt comfortable with Lea immediately – and I knew right away that my adult children would feel the same about her.  They did, and so did my husband. Lea is a knowledgeable professional as well as a caring individual. At no time did any of my family feel pressured to be involved. She has a talent for drawing people out and helping them trust her.

I know that without her help, getting my family back on track would have been near impossible.  We are not trained to help ourselves out of some situations – no matter how well intentioned we are or what a loving family we think we have.  A third party, more specifically ‘a Lea’, was needed for that. She gave us tools to learn to communicate – or learn anew I should say. She guided us towards the answers.  She gave us new insights that we still talk about. I will always be grateful for her expertise and her care. I was embarrassed actually to admit that my family had problems – I just could not believe that we were ‘broken’ and I was so afraid that we couldn’t piece it together again.  But with her help we did. I hope anyone reading this – whatever the problem or issue is, will also reach out to her.

I am not currently seeing Lea, but I know she is just a phone call away if I should need her”. – GC

45 yr old female presenting with Panic Disorder

“A therapist I know recommended Lea Leonard and neurofeedback to treat my panic attacks and anxiety. I’d previously tried medications without any luck and my condition worsened over time. I visited Lea for treatments once a week for 11 weeks. After three or four sessions I felt better and my anxiety began to lessen. My panic attacks were not as frequent and further apart. After seven treatments I felt almost back to normal! Now I can drive my car and go places with confidence. I have some moments of concern but they are alleviated quickly. Neurofeedback therapy has helped me more than anything else I’ve tried, including medication. I realized that the medication was just a temporary fix and never made my problems go away. Lea really understood how sick I was and wanted me to feel better and get back to normal. She believes in neurofeedback and it helps when your support system is so positive and understanding. The treatments are relaxing, fast and effective. Neurofeedback truly saved my life and although I suffer with anxiety I am handling it better. Lea Leonard is a wonderful therapist and compassionate about her work. She wants her patients to recover to be the best they can be.”


51 yr old female presenting with Depression and Anxiety

“After I’d been seeing Lea Leonard for about six months, she suggested I try neurofeedback. At the time, I was taking three medications prescribed by my psychiatrist. By the end of that month, I was down to two medications, and just over a year later, I was able to stop taking the last medication. I went more often at first, and now I do neurofeedback once every three weeks. Next it will go down to once a month, and then less and less. It’s pretty remarkable how it makes you feel. Neurofeedback helped with my insomnia and mood level as I stopped taking the medications. With neurofeedback, you feel more relaxed and more in control; everything is in perspective. Lea is phenomenal. She is so caring and such a giving a person who really listens. The way she communicates is amazing. Lea helps you learn how to help yourself. She asks you questions and you figure it out! I didn’t know there was something you could do to get off your medication. Medication makes you feel better but it masks why you don’t feel good. I’d taken it for a long time and had experienced side effects such as panic attacks. With the neurofeedback part of my treatment, I started feeling better within a month. There were no side effects! I felt more upbeat and in control of my life. It just gets better all the time. You can tell Lea really cares about her patients.”


8 yr old boy presenting with sensory integration challenges and ADHD – Inattentive type

“I was looking for an alternative to medicine to help my son, who was diagnosed with sensory integration disorder at age four and anxiety at seven. A friend told me about neurofeedback and after doing some research online, I found Lea Leonard. We started neurofeedback sessions at Wings of Change last October and continue to go once a week. After the fourth or fifth session his sensory issues were more noticeable, he had meltdowns and was unhappy. But after seven or eight sessions, we noticed an improvement and now my son is happier and less worried. Neurofeedback has helped a lot with his sensory issues and mood swings; we are still working on his focus and attention. We had already tried several occupational therapies and were seeing a children’s psychologist with very little improvement. I definitely recommend the neurofeedback treatment at Wings of Change. It has been the only treatment that worked for him and it is the best alternative to medication. Lea makes my son feel comfortable and he is happy to go to his neurofeedback sessions.”


78 yr old female presenting with short term memory and word finding challenges

“I feel fortunate to have found Lea Leonard. She is trustworthy and always up front about what is going on and what she can do to help me. For me, neurofeedback is a tool to maintain elasticity in the brain. I started treatments about a year and a half ago, in my seventies, to help with memory. I also have some anxiety and I know neurofeedback has helped me to deal with issues. The treatments allow you to have some space and make decisions more calmly–you can address your life. Lea works with you and tailors your treatment experience to fit your needs. I’ve had a totally positive experience. I am in a much better place than I was last year; I feel less frustrated and anxious and I can remember more. Having the EEG first and then seeing the map of my brain made the whole thing real to me. It was as if there was something concrete there, something identified as an issue. Then, knowing that something could be done about it and that I would be able see the improvement was great. The first time I heard about neurofeedback was nearly 20 years ago after my husband suffered a stroke. It helped him. I’ve seen the benefits of neurofeedback and I trust the process.”